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The Coat of Arms of Poland

The Coat of Arms of Poland

The Coat of Arms of Poland consists of a White Eagle on a red shield. The Eagle is wearing a crown. In Poland, the Coat of Arms is usually called simply White Eagle (Orzeł Biały), always capitalised.

The eagle is thought to be the White-tailed eagle, although the highly stylised depiction does not connect the White Eagle with any specific species of eagle.


The White Eagle is said to have originated when Poland's legendary founder Lech saw a white eagle's nest, and considering this a good omen, founded the city of Gniezno (literally nest).


The White Eagle is first known from coins made during king Boleslaus's reign, initially as the Piast family's personal coat of arms.

Przemysl II introduced the White Eagle as a Polish symbol.

The White Eagle was officially instituted on 1 November 1705 by Augustus II the Strong and bestowed on eight of his closest, diplomatic and political supporters.

The current version of the White Eagle was introduced by Constitutional amendment in 1927. In 1945, the new communist regime removed the crown from the Eagle's head and replaced (perhaps accidentally) the rosettes on its' wings with stars. The crown was replaced in 1990, and the current version is basically the same as that of 1927, with minor cosmetic changes.

Order of the White Eagle (Order Orła Białego) - The Order of the White Eagle is awarded to the most distinguished Poles and the highest-ranking representatives of foreign countries. It is attached to a blue ribbon slung over the left shoulder to the right side. The star of the Order, once embroidered, is worn on the left side of the chest. The Order of the White Eagle is the highest order in Polish honours system.

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