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Polish Proverbs

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Polish Proverb: "Ani kura za darmo nie gdacze."
English Equivalent: "Nothing for nothing"

Polish Proverb: "Ani kura za darmo nie gdacze."
English Equivalent: "Nothing for nothing"


Polish Proverb: "Anielskie usta a szatanskie serce."
English Equivalent: "A honey tongue and a heart of gall."
Polish Proverb: "Bez pracy nie ma kołaczy"
English Equivalent: "Without work there won't be supper"
Latin Version: Sine labore non erit panis in ore
Polish Proverb: "Bez soli smutna biesiada"
English Equivalent: "Without salt the feast is spoiled"
Polish Proverb: "Bogatemu to i diabeł dziecko kołysze"
English Equivalent: "Even the devil rocks a rich person's child."


Polish Proverb: "Czekaj tatka latka"
English Equivalent: "You can wait till the cows come home"


Polish Proverb: "Duch chętny lecz ciało mdłe."
English Equivalent: "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak"
Polish Proverb: "Dobrego i karczma nie zepsuje, a złego i kościół nie naprawi."
English Equivalent: "The good won't be spoiled in an inn, so the bad won't be mended in a church"
Polish Proverb: "Dobry żart tynfa wart."
English Equivalent: "A good joke is a penny worth"
Polish Proverb: "Dopóty dzban wodę nosi, dopóki mu się ucho nie urwie."
English Equivalent: "A jug carries water until its handle breaks off"


Polish Proverb: "Gdy kota nie ma, myszy harcują"
English Equivalent: "When the cat's away the mice will play"


Polish Proverb: "Fortuna kołem się toczy."
English Equivalent: "Every dog has its day"


Polish Proverb: "Gadał dziad do obrazu, a obraz do niego ani razu."
English Equivalent: "A beggar talked to a picture, but picture answered nothing"
Polish Proverb: "Gdy pies je, to nie szczeka, bo mu miska ucieka."
English Equivalent: "Don't talk with your mouth full"
Polish Proverb: "Gdzie kucharek sześć, tam nie ma co jeść."
English Equivalent: "Too many cooks spoil the broth"
Polish Proverb: "Gdy się człowiek spieszy, to się diabeł cieszy."
English Equivalent: "When a man hurries, the devil smiles"
Polish Proverb: "Gość w dom - Bóg w dom."
English Translation: Guest coming into house - God coming into house.(Essence of Polish hospitality)
Polish Proverb: "Gdzie diabeł nie może, tam babę pośle."
English Translation: Where devil cannot go, he will send a woman.
Polish Proverb: "Gdzie dwóch się bije, tam trzeci korzysta."
English Equivalent: "Where two are fighting, a third one wins"
Polish Proverb: "Gdzie zgoda tam i siła."
English Translation: With unity there is strength.
Polish Proverb: "Grosz do grosza, a będzie kokosza."
English Equivalent: "A penny saved is a penny earned"


Polish Proverb: "Historia sie powtarza."
English Translation: Something that has happened once can happen again.


Polish Proverb: "I Herkules dupa, kiedy wrogów kupa"
English Translation: Even Hercules turns yellow in the face of many enemies.
Polish Proverb: "Idzie luty, podkuj buty"
English Equivalent: When February comes, hobnail your shoes.


Polish Proverb: "Jak Kuba Bogu, tak Bóg Kubie."
English Translation: As Jake treats God, God will treat Jake.
Polish Proverb: "Jak sobie pościelesz, tak się wyśpisz."
English Translation: How you make your bed, thus will you rest.
Polish Proverb: "Jestem człowiekiem i nic, co ludzkie, nie jest mi obce."
English Equivalent: I'm human and nothing that is human is to me strange.
Latin Version: Humani sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto.


Polish Proverb: "Kowal zawinił a Cygana powiesili"
English Translation: The blacksmith was guilty, but they hanged the Gypsy.
Polish Proverb: "Kropla do kropli i będzie morze."
English Translation: Drop after drop, there will be an ocean.
Polish Proverb: "Kruk krukowi oka nie wykole."
English Equivalent: The crow won't peck (bite) an eye of another crow.
Polish Proverb: "Kto rano wstaje, temu Pan Bóg daje."
English Equivalent: "The early bird gets the worm"
Polish Proverb: "Kto szybko daje, dwa razy daje."
English Equivalent: "He who gives quickly gives twice"
Latin Version: Bis dat, qui cito dat.
Polish Proverb: "Kuj żelazo, póki gorące."
English Translation: Strike while the iron is hot.


Polish Proverb: "Ładnemu we wszystkim ładnie."
English Equivalent: A pretty person looks pretty in every clothing.
Polish Proverb: "Lepiej późno niż wcale."
English Equivalent: "Better late than never"
Polish Proverb: "Lepsza jedna panna, niż cztery wdowy."
English Equivalent: Better is one (unmarried) lady than 4 widows.
Polish Proverb: "Lepszy wróbel w garści niż kanarek na dachu."
English Equivalent: "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"
Polish Proverb: "Los szczęście rzuca, ale nie każdy je łapie."
English Equivalent: "Fate throws fortune, but not everyone catches"


Polish Proverb: "Między młotem a kowadłem."
English Equivalent: "Caught between a rock and a hard place"
Polish Proverb: "Musi to na Rusi, w Polsce jak kto chce."
English Translation: In Russia you have to do things, in Poland you do as you please.


Polish Proverb: "Najlepsze mienie - czyste sumienie."
English Translation: The best asset is a clean conscience.
Polish Proverb: "Na pochyłe drzewo wszystkie kozy skaczą."
English Translation: All the goats jump onto leaning trees.
Polish Proverb: "Nie masz na upór lekarstwa."
English Translation: You can't heal stubbornness.
Polish Proverb: "Nie mów o nikim, nie będą o tobie."
English Translation: Don't talk about others, they won't talk about you.
Polish Proverb: "Nie wszystko się godzi, co wolno."
English Translation: Not everything that's allowed is best.
Polish Proverb: "Nie dziel skóry na niedźwiedziu."
English Equivalent:  "Don't count your chickens before they are hatched"
Polish Proverb: "Nie mów „hop”, póki nie przeskoczysz."
English Equivalent: "Don't say up, before you have jumped"
Polish Proverb: "Nieznajomość prawa szkodzi."
English Equivalent: "Ignorance is not an excuse"
Polish Proverb: "Nie wszystko złoto, co się świeci."
English Equivalent: "Not all that glitters is gold"


Polish Proverb: "O umarłych mówi się dobrze, albo wcale."
English Translation: Speak well of the dead or not at all.
Polish Proverb: "O wilku mowa, a wilk tu."
English Translation: Talk of a wolf and the wolf appears.


Polish Proverb: "Panu Bogu świeczkę, a diabłu ogarek."
English Translation: Light a candle for God and a candle-stub for the Devil.
Polish Proverb: "Piękna miska jeść nie daje."
English Translation: A beautifully decorated plate won't feed anyone.
Polish Proverb: "Piekło jest wybrukowane dobrymi chęciami."
English Translation: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Polish Proverb: "Pokorne cielę dwie matki ssie."
English Translation: A humble calf will feed from two mothers.


Polish Proverb: "Ręka rękę myje."
English Translation: One hand washes the other.


Polish Proverb: "Śpiesz się powoli."
English Equivalent: "Haste makes waste"
Latin Version: Festina lente.
Polish Proverb: "Szukajcie, a znajdziecie."
English Translation: Seek and ye shall find.


Polish Proverb: "Ten się śmieje, kto się śmieje ostatni."
English Equivalent: "He who laughs last, laughs the longest"
Polish Proverb: "Ucz się ucz, bo nauka to do potęgi klucz."
English Translation: Keep learning because knowledge is the key to power.


Polish Proverb: "Włażąc między wrony, krakaj jak i one."
English Equivalent: "When in Rome, do as the Romans do."
Polish Proverb: "Wolnoć Tomku w swoim domku."
English Translation: Do as you please at your own home.
Polish Proverb: "Wszędzie dobrze, ale w domu najlepiej."
English Equivalent: "Home, sweet home."
Polish Proverb: "Wszystko dobre, co się dobrze kończy."
English Equivalent: "All's well that ends well."
Polish Proverb: "W zdrowym ciele zdrowy duch"
English Equivalent: "In healthy body healthy spirit"


Polish Proverb: "Za dukata brat sprzeda brata."
English Translation:  For a ducat, a man will sell his own brother.
Polish Proverb: "Złej baletnicy przeszkadza rąbek u spódnicy."
English Equivalent: "A bad workman always blames his tools."