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The Coat of Arms of Poland
The Coat of Arms of Poland consists of a White Eagle on a red shield. The Eagle is wearing a crown. In Poland, the Coat of Arms is usually called simply White Eagle (Orzeł Biały), and it is always capitalized. MORE...
Polish School
Map of Poland


Polish Traditions
Polish Traditions - Ressurection Breakfast
Use links on this page to learn about Polish customs and to revive and preserve the lovely seasonal Polish traditions.
Polish Holidays and Customs
Polish Easter Traditions and Customs
The Holy Week in Poland (Wielki Tydzien)
Palm Sunday in Poland
Pisanki - Polish Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs Designs
Polish Easter
Easter Decorations
Polish Easter Traditions
Swieconka (Easter Blessing of Food)
Christmas in Poland (Boze Narodzenie w Polsce)
Polish Christmas Traditions
Polish Christmas Eve Traditions (Wigilia)
Old Polish Christmas Traditions
Christmas Szopka
Christmas Eve Superstitions
Polish Holiday Traditions - Season's Greetings ("Wesolych Swiat")
Polish Christmas Carols in MIDI Format
Christmas in Poland and Polonia
Polish Wedding Traditions and Customs
Polish Wedding
Name Day (Imieniny)
Birthdays (Urodziny)
Polish Folk Traditions and Costumes
Celebrating the Feast of St. Andrew or Andrzejki
Polish Folk Music
The Drowning of Marzanna (Topienie Marzanny)
Carnival in Poland (Karnawal w Polsce)
St. John's the Baptist Night (Noc Swietojanska)
National Anthems of Poland
Polish Wycinanki - 1957
Wicinanki - Then and Now
Activity For Kids:
Christmas Decorations
Polish Christmas Tree Coloring Page
Make a Polish Porcupine
Double Star With Eight Points Activity
Polish Food Activity

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