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Jerzy Jánošík

Jerzy Jánošík was a famous Polish rober, the leader of a forest robber group, often described as the "Polish Robin Hood" or Polish "William Tell". His probable date of birth is January 25, 1688 at the village Terchová in the Austrian Monarchy, now in northern Slovakia. His act of baptism was preserved and is dated May 16, 1688. His parents were Michal Jánošík and Barbara Cingelova. He had older brother Jan and a younger sister Barbara.
This Polish (or Slovak) outlaw has been the topic of many Slovak and Polish legends, books and films. According to the legends he and his group of robers were stealing from the nobles and gave the stolen things to the poor people. Number of folk tales present Jerzy Jánošík as a hero who had supernatural powers and magical resistance to bullets and arrows. He had supernatural power of healing his wounds with the help of a herb he carried in his pocket. According to folk tales, he also had an ability to move from one place to another quicker than any other human being. Some of the legends surrounding this most famous outlaw claims that his powers were given to him by three witches whom he had met when he was very young. Him and his robers operated and were hiding on both sides of the Tatra Mountains (Polish side and Slovak side), and the Jánošík myth was also known in Poland, Slovak and the Czech lands.
Jánošík was fighting with the Kurucs in 1706-1708, then with the imperial army. He was captured in 1712 in Hrachov, but managed to escape. Finally, he was betrayed by a girl whom he often visited and captured again and imprisoned in spring of 1713 in Liptovský Mikuláš. His trial took place on March 16 and March 17, 1713 and he was sentenced to death by hanging on a hook. His execution took place on March 18, 1713.
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